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Loid Bertram

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Loid Bertram (a.k.a. obeliskDecanter)

[/container] Loid is a lucid psychonaut with a chemical interest and a penchant for the unknown. His frequent use of psychedelics has, according to him, awoken something in his mind - he believes he can see into the future, and often claims to have hazily foreseen events before they transpire. He also claims to be able to communicate with plants, and can grow strong connections with them. He maintains a diverse garden of plants, all of which are named, and spends a lot of his time with them. Loid is a naturally paranoid person and finds it difficult to differentiate between genuine acts of kindness and manipulative attempts to take advantage of him; as such, he often finds himself anxious and panicked when around others. Despite this, he enjoys the company of other people, and loves to crack jokes and have fun. His heavy reliance on drugs and outlandish beliefs make him seem unstable to others, however, he behaves respectfully around others and maintains awareness of the world around him.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Loid pretty much always wears his green parka and tri-eye t-shirt. While usually hidden under his sleeve, he is always wearing multiple watches set to different times. His hair is messy, cut short on the sides, and he has a full moustache. He keeps his beard shaven but often forgets to trim it for a few days, resulting in some stubble coming in. His eyes are usually wide and tired. He is 5'11 with an average build.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Loid doesn't like speaking about his childhood or early teenage years, and tends to grow anxious and reserved when the topic is brought up. However, he freely shares information about his later teenage years into his adulthood with those he trusts. He was raised by his aunt under relatively impoverished circumstances in a large city, though his guardian was often not present for long periods of time during his formative years. He took a liking to the sciences in school and decided to pursue it as a career, earning himself a scholarship to get into a well-respected university. But, as stresses and anxieties from not having many friends, working, and getting an education piled on, Loid found himself turning to drugs more and more, until he suffered from a full-on psychotic episode. He had to withdraw from his job and college, and ended up producing and selling drugs just to get by. While he did eventually recover from this unfortunate mental state, he could never bring himself to return to his education, and continued with his lifestyle of growing and synthesising drugs. Loid now lives alone, spending most of his time gardening, taking drugs, reading, or using the computer. He tries to stay out of trouble, but often ends up in sticky situations with gangs who don't want him selling drugs on their turf.


Loid is a drug dealer and amateur gardener. He breeds and sells various plants and flowers to whoever will buy them, though he often finds it hard to say goodbye to them.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Loid is very knowledgeable in the sciences, particularly biology and chemistry. He knows how to take care of a vast range of plants, and is very skilled at producing drugs.

Personality Characteristics


Loid would love to someday have made enough money to be able to get out of the drug dealing business. He wants to live somewhere with a large greenhouse, away from danger. He would like to overcome his mental health issues, but doesn't know where to start.

Likes & Dislikes

Gardening, psychedelics, clocks, baking, conspiracy theories, new experiences, having things be neatly sorted.
Being cold, being sober, fire, people saying he's crazy, confrontation.


Clem Bertram

Pre-scratch Dancestor

Towards Loid Bertram


Loid Bertram

Post-scratch Dancestor

Towards Clem Bertram


➠Sexual orientation
➠Signature colour
Green (#99A71F)
➠Typing style
Trise to use proper garmmar, but forgets aspetcs of it sometimes. he is dyslexic and stumlbes over his wrods, leading him to occasionally swicth letters around. This ahppens more when he is paritculalry excited, anxoius, or flusterde.
Teh qiuck borwn fox jumsp over the lzay dog.
Loid's aunt, who he calls Ant. He no longer lives with her.
➠Original Planet
Post-Scratch Earth
Seer of Doom


In Person



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