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A Remnant of The Past

The realms of Alyria have withered to nothing more than a shadow of a far bygone era - a memory that has all but left the mind. The likes of man holds fast within their strongholds and fortresses- massive, isolated city-states that are the greatest defense for that of mankind. Outside of their walls, the remnants and ruins of passed failed civilizations remain ripe for looting and pillaging as small towns and hamlets form throughout the lands with a desperate hope of surviving the harshness of the wilds.

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A Dying Reality

This world is afflicted with an otherworldly disease, known as Chaos, that has taken root within the universal laws of reality. This sickness emanates throughout the lands of Alyria as strange maladies plague its populace. As the world slowly withers around them, the populace is left to wonder why their beloved Gods have forsaken them so. Still, the divine seem to receive more worship than ever in these trying times as reality itself seems to be breaking at the seams. This sickness remains an ever-present aspect of life for those who dare live beyond the confines of humanity.



The world of Alyria takes inspiration from all forms of fantasy media alongside many historical influences. Drawing from various fictional works, this dark fantasy setting has been cultivated over the course of several years, finding influence in the likes of Andrzej Sapkowski's The Witcher to Rick Priestley's Warhammer, as well as a number of worlds and experiences taken from my own personal experiences of playing the wonderful TTRPG that is Dungeons & Dragons.

Magic Vs. Tech

With the time and resources that the various forms of magic take to understand, they are not a common art form and those who practice them are often looked to with wonder. While forms of magic have existed for far longer than that of humanity, the far newer practice of technological engineering is one that often goes overlooked for the clear restraints, though it is far more accessible to those who weren't blessed with the blood of a noble house.


Within the world of Alyria, the likes of man have built sprawling cities, fortified behind massive walls to hide them from the monstrous creatures that lurk within the shadows of the outside world. The world is based in dark fantasy and horror, but the players are meant to explore whichever themes they wish as their characters trek down the paths presented before them. This is a dark and dangerous world with lots to offer to those with the will and desire to go looking.

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