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Captain Ash

Jonathan Asher (a.k.a. Captain Ash)

A legendary pirate captain, formerly of the Pentonian navy, then the Mariners for the Lawful Enforcement of the Authority of the Three Kingdoms by use of Necessary Force. While working for the privateers, he began to take covertly illegal jobs, using his credentials as a privateer to bypass normal shipping regulations. When Casa Leviatán finally caught on, they chased him into The Sea of Smoke. When he emerged, half a dozen Costrañan ships burned behind him, he had a new ship made out of petrified wood, and a new name: Captain Ash.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition


Facial Features


Apparel & Accessories

Long gray coat and a gray tricorn with orange trim

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sailed his ship through a portion of The Sea of Smoke to escape from a Costrañan fleet. Later assumed a false identity and started over in Gondoluci with a clean slate, as a small merchant contractor. When he was implicated in a conspiracy to kill Mario Gondoluci, he was forced to flee the city.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: good conversation   Dislikes: long walks on the beach (boats are faster)



Fairly reserved.

Year of Birth
943 ATK 54 Years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Character Prototype
Mark Ruffalo

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