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Think Elizabethan England. While the country still has a love for tales of knightly valor, it’s also rapidly progressing into the “modern” age. Pentonia has the most powerful navy out of the three kingdoms of Old Altinius, and they’re also the most isolationist due to the recent war. Women have a few more rights here than in the other kingdoms, simply out of respect for The Queen of Whispers, but it’s still not a great place to live if you’re not a rich white dude. Pentonia is currently smarting from the loss of its colonies on The Nameless Continent, and the Queen is planning to try and take them back by any means necessary.   The kingdom consists of five main regions: Lower Feroxi, Upper Feroxi, Gormia, Southern Pentonia, and Northern Pentonia.


Pentonia follows The Church of the Maid, The Church of the Knight, and The Church of the Merchant. The Church of the Merchant used to be in charge, but after the Honorable Dispute, The Church of the Maid rose to the top.

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
The Pentonian Empire
Official State Religion
Church of the Maid
Old Altinius
Related Professions
Neighboring Nations
Notable Members

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