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997 Years Since The Cataclysm

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A thousand years ago, the world shattered, and the Altinian Empire fell. The remaining inhabitants of Old Altinius broke into war, The Nations of the Xi Ascendancy fractured, and the savage people and evil curses of the wild continent of Archaia broke free from any containment or oversight. The heart of Altinius, the center of the empire, was transformed into a vast, barren desert, now known as the Sea of Sand. The oceanic passageway became the volatile and magical Sea of Storms.   Now, three kingdoms have formed in the ashes of old Altinius. The Xi Ascendancy has brought order to itself. Archaia has opened up its slave trade, revitalizing the global economy. And a new continent has been discovered, the Nameless Continent, a place of ancient empires and deadly magics. Pirates, disillusioned naval soldiers left unemployed after the recent wars, ravage the seas. The Kingdoms of Old Altinius battle the forces of The Nameless Continent, including some of their own traitorous colonies. And some few, some daring few, search out and find the mysterious artifacts left over from the old empire, seeking to put them to new use.   Who’s ready to set sail?

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