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Think 18th Century France with a dash of Renaissance Italy. Their victory in the war, along with several other factors, has launched Autierre into a prosperous golden age. Autierre is regularly at the forefront of new artistic and technological movements, and even the general population is getting more and more educated. So educated, in fact, that some of them are beginning to wonder if a monarchy is truly necessary for the nation’s prosperity…


Founded by The King of States and his deal with The Southern Merchants. To this day, the merchant class holds some sway over the King, though the current King has been pushing back against them and the rest of the nobles.

Technological Level

High, though not much of the populace has access to the newest technological advancements such as revolving guns or Plaguethrowers.


Home to the churches of The Artist, The Inventor, and The Patron. The churches function more like gentlemen's clubs or secret societies, where like-minded people meet to drink, discuss art, and be passive-aggressive at each other.

Foreign Relations

Currently practically owns Costraña thanks to the war, and is at odds with Pentonia for the same reason.


Colleges & Universities of the same pedigree as Acani, though far better-funded and more open to the lower classes.

Founding Date
523 ATK
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Gold coins stamped with the old crest of The Southern Merchants.
Major Exports
Art, Technology
Major Imports
Costrañan Gold
Official State Religion
Church of the Patron
Old Altinius
Official Languages
Related Professions
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

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