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The vanishing curse

Transmission & Vectors

This affliction is a curse, usually bestowed by a higher power. In some cults it is the punition of the gods, but it is said that some great priests or saint can use it as well.


This curse is one of the greatest form of punishment, and thus should be used to punish a high crime of some sort, probably something extremely serious.


Upon the moment one is afflicted by the curse, his presence in the world will slowly fade away. At first, physical signs will vanish, including the body of the victim, effectively killing him. Every physical traces of his presence will disapear, for exemple items he crafted will turn to dust etc.. Then, his soul will be destroyed, removing him from the cycle, and with it, all the memories the world had of him. In the end, it will be as if that person never existed, and makes sure he will never exist again.


It is a divine punishment, and since everyone forget about the victim, no one actually tried to treat it. But it is believed that a very powerfull being could resist the affliction, either completely, or partially, in wich case, said person could try and remove that curse, by attoning for her sins, or overpowering the one that cursed her.


This curse is separated in two stages, pphysical then spiritual, but both are nearly instantaneous. Althought, if someone were to partially resist it, the affliction would take a lot longer to affect things. For exemple, the memories of the people who were close to the victim would take longer to disappear than the rest of the people.


The only sequela of this curse is the complete disapearance of the victim from the world and it's inhabitants.


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