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Kingdom of Aerondon

A warlike society built on the foundation that the army is the only important thing in the world, the state of Aerondon is ruled by a king or queen who must either be an excellent strategist, or brave warrior.


King rules at the top of society. Followed by lords who control different provinces in the land and Priests who run the churches of Goran Willison. Then the common peasant such as, Farmers, Artisans, and Potters. Finally, Merchants, and Miners who are seen as dirty and greedy people.


They believe that the lands of Alphbetia can live in peace under the Aeronian Banner. The only times a diplomat is sent out is when there are annexation treaties to right. With the want for more, they have sour relations with their neighbors

Public Agenda

To be the most powerful military on the continent.


With a hundred thousand barians, a common unit of currency, Aerondon is the second poorest country on the continent. Most of the countries money is spent on military and the government condones the use of state money on public projects as it wishes to have the best military on the continent. With forty thousand foot soldiers, twenty thousand calvary men, and fifty cannon divisions. making them the second strongest military.


They were founded in 231. They grew quickly then were pummeled back onto the peninsula and were left with only five provinces left.

Demography and Population

The land of Aerondon splits it's territories based on population. With the Larndo in the south and Likten to the east. Noork in the west and Kolm in the North. The Aerondian people are very split and regularly fight over where different races should live. The original Aeron people live in the center of the kingdom.


During the War of 325, the land of Aerondon were reduced to but few provinces. Left with the ancestral home of their people and 4 provinces which are much less cared for than the home province.

Aeron Forever

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Baridic Coins with the royal insignia branded into it. The highest official Baridic coins value at 1000$, while the lowest coins are valued at about 0.10 cents.
Legislative Body
The Grand Council. A body of 12 people from each region of Aerondon. They decide how wars are to be fought and what are the limits of the average citizen.
Judicial Body
The Grand Judge has the utmost authority in the legal system.
Executive Body
The King enforces the laws by personally torturing captured criminals.
Official State Religion
Neighboring Nations
Related Items
Notable Members
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

Non-Agression Pact.

The pact was made during the Great Hacked War as they were not allies, but were both fighting the enemy.

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321 E.E. 322 E.E.

  • 321 E.E.

    4 /4 04:00
    321 E.E.

    4 /4 05:00

    The Founding
    Era beginning/end

    This the founding of Aerondon.

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    Kingdom of Aerondon

Modern Era

900 E.E. and beyond

  • 939 E.E.

    5 /4 02:00
    942 E.E.

    31 /8 06:00

    The war for Larndorn
    Military action

    This is when the Kingdom of Aerondon went to war with the Kingdom of Barvainia in order to reclaim the province Larndorn. The conflict ended with an Aerodian victory.

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