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Knights of Infinity

"In the darkness lurks a shadow. Today we light the first torch." -High Paladin Lannon, upon making landfall on Alphbetia.
The Knights of Infinity are a meritocratic democracy born on Infinitus Island after the Infinitus Trading Company raised the tax on basic resources 10 times. Originally founded as the holy order, Bloodmoon Marauders, the Knights set their sights on becoming the protectors of the island. They were originally only protecting caravans from other mercenary companies hired by the kingdom of Mo'Ruk who wanted to keep their different colonial settlements separated in order to sell the different colonies' resources to each other but at higher prices. Now a worldwide beacon of hope that ended the Great Hacked War. Founded by Hector Wilson following the orders of The Overlord. There has been six High Paladins since the founding of the Knights. The Knights know that they have caused a lot of destruction during the Great Hacked War and are trying their hardest to rebuild what was destroyed. They own a fleet of fusion-powered airships which the majority of was destroyed during the Great Hacked War.


The Knights of Infinity are run by the High Paladin who acts as a supreme authority and commander in chief to the three branches of the military. Then the Elite Council, which is run by the High Paladin, three Grand Wissenschaftler, and the 30 High Himmelsflieger. They run the Knights Orders, a series of programs that aid in military and civil action. The Council of the Grand Wissenschaftler is in charge of the priority of different projects and the logistics required to run the nation. Thirdly is the leaders of the Orders, who run each order and are in charge of appointing and gathering new members to take on the roles in the different orders. Fourthly is the military, who after returning home after a war and/or retirement are given a pension and have access to various support programs. Lastly is the average citizen who has similar rights to the military just isn't given state pension.


The Knights of Infinity are a cautious, but militarized nation taught that a well organized, military like society where you grow in rank based on skill and not title. They are taught that a righteous person will be the best they can be, to better their peers.

Public Agenda

As best said by High Paladin Oliver, "People of Alphbetia, We are the Knights of Infinity, Are mission is to restore peace to this land."


The Knights were founded in a profitable colony and such had many Barrians to their name once they took over the island. Though they still use barrians, the Knights use special coins made and used within the territories that they control


The Knight were formed in the Mo'Ruk colony of Infinitus.

Demography and Population

The Knights of Infinity is based on Infinitus Island and has many military holdings throughout Alphbetia. As the Knights were originally a very profitable colony, they have many different cultures and ethnicities living under their protection. In 527 under High Paladin Lannon, the knights officially made their debut onto the International stage during


The Knights control the Archipelago of the 6 Islands. Which


At the top of the command chain is the High Paladin. Then it's the High Himmelsflieger and Paladin. Then falls the Krieger and Himmelsflieger. Finally the Squire and Initiates.

Zum Sieg oder zur Hölle

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The Knights
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Leader Title
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
The Knights of Infinity use a singular facility in the capital to mint coins and make small, thin bars of metal. Both of these are then branded with a symbol depending on what year they were implemented into the society, making it harder to counterfeit.
Legislative Body
The Council of Grand Wissenschaftlers holds control over laws and regulations, though they are limited by the High Paladin. They are in charge of administering laws and rules, enforcing punishments, and foreign affairs. They also manage military leaders, promotions, and what tasks are higher on the list than others.
Judicial Body
The Council of Grand Wissenschaftlers also controls how laws are perceived and carried out. The Order of Justice keeps the peace by enforcing police, punishments and controlling other orders to keep them from becoming corrupt or too powerful. They have the power to give any governmental body special powers as long as the other body agrees.
Executive Body
The Executive body is held by the High Paladin, who commands the armies and fleets. The High Paladin is helped by the Elite Council, a body of the top High Himmelsfliegers, Grand Wissenschaftlers, and Paladins.
Official State Religion
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories
Organization Vehicles
Related Species

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