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Feith Dralón

He is a modest guy that lives with his family, he considered himself unworthy for new friendships or anything similar in his life, isolate himself from the world and even keeping a distance from his best friend because he has trust issues against him when he found out about what type of powers his friend has and what kind of emotion Feith may develop in a near future. Besides that, he doesn't reject any person that wants to enter his life, at least that he has a crush on that person.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Mental characteristics

Personal history

His powers weren't developed until he reaches his adolescence. As a kid he raised one Eggill that he named Pippo, as his personal pet, Feith share a lot of time with Pippo playing a lot with it until one day he met his childhood friend, a blue-haired kid with powers that allows him to expose wings like an angel. This kid was the principal reason to Pippo reach his next stage of evolution, turning him in a Fy. Feith was so grateful and so attached to his childhood friend at the point of playing together every single day for a long time. After a few years, Feith and his childhood friend got separated because the parents of his friend have to move out to another realm, this hurts Feith feelings for a while and marks his behaviour towards other guys that he likes.


During his lifespan, he studies about the mythology that involves Enerspark and their relationship with every single living being on the planet


Goldar 4
Current Location
Grocet Cave
009 Subham
Year of Birth
25592 UE 7312 Years old
Korc Village
Current Residence
Korc Village
Biological Sex
Short, Light Blue
Skin Tone
Pale white
Aligned Organization
Rus Realm

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Character Portrait image: by Maxedrox


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