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Gilhardi Desert (gill-har-dee)

The great Gilhardi Desert - called the Surakaa by the native zhaks'a naga - is considered impassible by most of the people of Allurel. The extreme heat and utter lack of water anywhere but well-hidden and zealously guarded waterholes turns all by the most determined - or most foolish - adventurers away. The only people known to live within the desert's boundaries are the zhaks'a, who make their homes in underground cities and caverns deep beneath the sands and throughout the Chasm.  


Though few have dared explore the desert, the zhaks'a have provided maps detailing three distinct geographic areas within it.  

The Sea of Sand

Most of the eastern and southern desert is made up of rolling sand dunes as large as tidal waves. Dancing winds constantly reshape a landscape dotted with hidden pits and sand traps. Water is a myth within the Sea of Sand, making crossing it a deadly undertaking.  

The Chasm

The western third of the desert is hard-packed and cracked earth, divided by a huge canyon called the Chasm. Home to the zhaks'a naga, the jagged walls are constantly blasted by sand-laden wind and riddled with hundreds of holes as small as pinholes and as large as small towns.  

The Vorash

Nestled in the fork at the southern end of the Spine is a continuously raging sandstorm of immense magnitude. No one knows how it came to be or how it continues to be, and any fool that's tried to navigate it has yet to re-emerge. Even the zhaks'a don't venture within, and have dubbed it Vorash, which translates to 'endless death'.
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