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Akali is the main trade language around the Broken Sea region and originates from an island located roughly at it's center. Akali is the most common language in the area, even within the borders of the Imperium. Akali was originally designed to communicate basic concepts for trade, centering around numbers and units. In fact, most of the standard units of measurement through out the Broken Sea were established and standardized through Akali's proliferation.   Akali has since expanded to include concepts and ideas beyond business for more comprehensive communication but lacks the subtlety and nuance of most other languages. In many instances, Akali has borrowed and repurposed words from other languages to fill in gaps for these concepts.

Geographical Distribution

Akali is spoken almost exclusively on the surface world around the Broken Sea. Though some races from the Darklands have learned to speak it, it doesn't have the same role that it does on the surface as a way of connecting various realms.

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