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The hunter readied his bow. Releasing an arrow in the direction of the large stag not 30 yards before him. The arrow flew high, narrowly missing the great beast. The stag fled and the hunter went to retrieve his failed shot. As the man knelt down, he saw a shimmering white stone. He picked up the small stone and held it with both hands. It was cold, extremely cold. Yet, the stone melted in his now cupped hands. He felt an undeniable thirst, and drank of the liquid. It tasted of blood, and he could feel it burning his insides like liquor. He collapsed to the ground. He began to change.


Physical & Chemical Properties

The substance is always very cold, like ice.

Geology & Geography

The ichor is often found not far from the Mirror-Gates, as the blood of the gods was spilled to make these doorways the Mirror-Pass.

Origin & Source

Ichor is the divine blood of the gods. This substance fueled the creation of Alhom, and all creation.

History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

The ichor is used by the Ossic Cult in their cleansing rituals given to the dead. It is believed that its usage binds the soul of man to their skeleton, which is then interred into a catacomb for future veneration.


Ichor is highly mutagenic when consumed by a living being. The Ossics preach that the first daemons were born from its consumption many millennia ago, and it is considered the source of many evils on Alhom


Law & Regulation

Any amount of ichor must be reported to the Ossic Cult. The citizenry of Alghast were brought up fearing the divine material, and freely give it up when the Ossics come for it. Possessing ichor and not reporting it to the Ossics results in either imprisonment or death, depending on the amount and context of the possession.
Copper, like the blood of man. But the taste is described as being felt throughout the body, particularly in the chest.
Silvery White

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