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1617, Yohsom 23

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Alhom is a world thrown out of balance. The gods that once protected the world have fallen to something that hides in the dark places. This dark thing influences the world more and more as it’s horrible abominations stream out of the shadows. Daemons born of Ichor, the divine essence of the gods, seek to corrupt mankind and draw them from behind their walls for the slaughter. The Night eats away at the day, but the will of man does not break easily.   In the kingdom of Alghast, or what remains of it, the Ossic Cult reigns. The Ossic knights shield the realm from the darkness just beyond their cities. The Cult teaches the glory of man over the gods, celebrating their deaths as an opportunity for humanity to rise. Kingdom and Cult built this land together, their ties are ancient. But their story is a lie.   Their protection a falsehood. Their rule a prelude for what’s to come. But a few see through the veil. They see through the Cult’s actions, into their true intent. This story is a conspiracy, and its roots are deeper than what you could possibly imagine. It is through the work of this tireless few that this kingdom, and this world, might be saved.   The darkness may swallow us whole, if no one holds the light.

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