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As you step into the small town of Yarrin, the smells of flowers and fresh bread meet your nose. You hear a child's laughter and the splashing of someone in the river and as you come around a bend in the cobblestone road you can see the town itself.   Small cottages dot the rolling landscape, surrounded by fields, people, and flocks of sheep. You can see the numerous people enjoying the river's relief from the summer heat, and still others sitting on the riverbank or on porches having quiet conversations. Everyone seems comfortable, and not even the entrance of a stranger disturbs the town's calm.   In the center of town stands a fountain, which adds its burbling to that of the river. Children dance around it, clasping each others' hands and singing nonsense, while their mothers and fathers watch from the fields.   You're startled out of your observations when something rams into your leg and baas. The shepherdess apologizes profusely, and you realize it's the very person you came to see: Achillea Archer.


Most of Yarrin's citizens are in the lower middle class, and all of them are human. Most of Yarrin's inhabitants are farmers, weavers, bakers, and butchers.


Yarrin has a mayor who keeps the peace in town, but he's mostly there to step in and settle disputes only when necessary. When Lorcan Archer lived in Yarrin, the mayor was Aldis Vilenet. As of the time of The Half-Elves, mayorship has passed to Willem Gaile.


There's a natural wall around most of Yarrin, but on the southern side there's a tall wooden wall erected, which is guarded day and night against robbers.

Industry & Trade

Primarily, the people of Yarrin trade their crops, meat, woven rugs, and raw wool. Generally they prefer to trade with nearby cities and towns instead of the capital itself, and they've never had trouble with it.


Most of the houses in Yarrin are small wood-based cottages with short fences and porches that provide excellent places to enjoy the summer warmth and good company. The bakery has an ever-turning watermill, and there's a small courtyard in the center of town where dances are held each season.   There's also a small training yard behind the mayor's house that hosts a shooting range and a small area cleared for sparring.


Bread, grains (corn, wheat, and barley), mutton, wool, rugs, some swords and bows. Not much of interest to most.


A river runs straight through the middle of Yarrin, and the people of the town enjoy it year-round for swimming, fishing, and skating. It's not at all uncommon to find people sitting leisurely along its banks and having long conversations.

Natural Resources

Corn, barley, wheat, and sheep.
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