The Dream Thief

Thaniel Syre (a.k.a. The First Mistwalker; The Dream Thief)

Thaniel was born to two magic-users, a Whisper and a Redolent, so he was expected to develop one or both sets of powers. When those powers failed to manifest by age five, however, they decided the genes had canceled out. Until he was fourteen.   Thaniel entered his first dream when he was fourteen. Surrounded by a great void of mist, he could hear and smell but couldn't see or feel anything. When he told his parents, they dubbed him a Mistwalker. It wasn't until the same thing had occurred several times that he realized what was happening: he could enter other people's dreams.   It took several more months to realize that he could do a lot more than that. He could steal others' dreams.   As a young man--now fifteen--eager to make a name for himself, he began a dream-stealing spree. Unfortunately, a handful of Seers noticed bouts of unconsciousness that lacked any visions--or memories of any kind. Word began to spread of a Dreamthief, and Seers across Soren attempted to develop a guard against his intrusions, without success. Seeing that his plan had been so successful, Thaniel made a career of dream stealing, influencing powerful individuals from all levels of society to pay for the dreams he stole. He helped many crime lords acquire visions of the future that way, with disastrous consequences, and eventually he became a high-ranking crime lord himself.   For many The Dream Thief is now spoken of as a cautionary tale to young magic-users, reminding them never to let their powers get the best of them. For others, The First Mistwalker is a promise of greatness for those willing to pursue their powers in more sinister directions.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Dream Thief, The First Mistwalker
Year of Birth
500 AE 1509 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
His parents were a Whisper and a Redolent.
Archaon, Soren
Storm grey
Jet black


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