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All of Lior's citizens are human, with the exception of one family which has elven heritage. Citizenship is split roughly in half when it comes to class, with a little more than half in the lower middle class and a little less than half in the lower class.   Lior has a mine, and a good number of the men in the city work as miners. The women are mainly homemakers, simply due to lack of other available professions.


Lior was run by an elder and his two-man council. The last elder was Renad Boron, with his council consisting of his daughter Lunara and his trusted friend Edom Arun. After the epidemic, Crimson Arun took over ownership of the town and determined to rebuild it.


There is only a thin wooden wall around Lior, because at the time it was built war was a long-distant memory and the villagers were more than capable of fighting off a few invading robbers. When they were invaded in 1999--after everyone had died in the Calor epidemic--the walls were completely destroyed and not rebuilt.

Industry & Trade

Lior is home to a large iron mine, and it sends its wares to the capital to be distributed.


The homes and businesses in Lior are rather ramshackle wooden buildings, generally with front porches held up by rusting iron poles.


Lior is in a very arid section of The Hylands, and the only water source is a hot spring on its northern side. It has a handful of high spots where you can look out over much of the country, and these are favorite spots for many.

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