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A thousand years ago, the GlassShatter Age began. Fifty wyvern-stars crashed into the world. Three died, but forty-seven people managed to take the weakened wyvern-stars into their bodies until the wyvern-stars could leave. These were called 'Enchanted' because it took a lot of magic and strength to look after a wyvern-star. Many people were struck with pieces of shattered glass that became embedded in a person's heart or eye, and they were called 'Cursed' because shadows followed them everywhere. When the wyvern-stars were well again and returned to their home, the Enchanted were stripped of any magic and voice, and they were left scared and destined to become a death-maid if they couldn't be healed by the wyvern-stars by the moons' thousandth rising since the wyvern-stars left. There is a prophecy that states 'Bells will ring and magic sing when the mirrors arise. Dark shadows will follow the Chosen to battle. There is one who must save the Cursed and Enchanted from the moons' two thousandth rising since the end of the GlassShatter Age. Shadows will haunt and mirrors call to the wyvern-stars, for curses must be undone.'   When Moons And Mirrors Rise is about a run-away girl named Ris, with a twin sister named Saryar. Everyone believes Saryar is the Chosen, but Ris thinks her twin can't fulfil it so she takes on the burden.   Some of the characters are based on my friends.

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