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Aldern is the world setting for the Farlands Campaign developed by Jason Burgess.
The world and its campaigns have been developed over 35 years of gaming, beginning way back in 2e's early days, continuing on today. All those years ago, it started as a simple map with a few 'cool' names (cool for a kid anyway), a small village, and a basic dungeon delve, with the big bad being a rust monster and gelatinous cube. Since those early days, countless game sessions have followed, and many adventures have been traveled. This expanded the lands around them. Aldern has grown into an entire world with hundreds of cultures and thousands of years of history. It is a setting heavily influenced by real-world medieval history and mythology, seasoned with a bit of Tolkien and Robert Howard.

Beyond this point, you will find an introduction to Aldern, along with an encyclopedia of knowledge gathered by the Jenuwan Order.