Martial Artist

​The Alciryan Martial Artist is one that has trained and focused in a specialty art based on the body and mind. The martial artist is part warrior, part thief, and part psychic all achieved through trained traditions and honed physical skills. While the different arts are wildly variant from school to school, those who have chosen the path as a life long study share some inherent qualities that surpass their school biases. ​


A martial artist may only use those weapons allowed by their marital arts school. The martial artist may be proficient in any of those listed by the school, but may not integrate the weapon (use bonuses, attacks, etc) with their martial art unless the kata for that weapon is acquired.


A martial artist may NOT wear armor that (without magical adjustments, etc) has a base better than AC 5.

Followers & Strongholds
At ninth level, a martial artist begins to attract students. While the students require no pay, they demand training time to learn moves from the character (1d6 hours per month per student). Students will fight to the death unquestioningly and obey almost any command if they receive proper teaching. If not, the students will leave and likely join an opposing school. Martial artists with no school attract 1d4 students per year if they have a 'good' (as determined by DM) reputation. If a school does exists they will attract 2d6 students per month (facility permitting - their must be a training space, housing, and food available).

A martial artist may access extraordinary strength as a fighter.

A Martial Artist may select any style (Basic, Advanced, Exclusive) as their primary martial art. That martial art requires no W.P. to attain.​

Martial artists can gain a special Constitution hit point bonus that is available only to warriors.​

A martial artist gains their powers and abilities only through training. To train, the character must a have a teacher (individual, or as part of a school) and spend at least 1d6 days with them to learn a new move or 1d4 months to learn a new power.​

Beyond their martial art, a martial artist may specialize in one weapon, however, as mentioned above, they may not integrate the two unless an appropriate Kata is available and taken. (EX: Bob is a Samurai and has specialized in Katana and Zanji Shinjinken-Ryu. He has not purchased a Kata, therefore, each round he must choose what "weapon" he uses. his katana or his martial art. If he does take an appropriate Kata, he may uses both modes of attack in one round and, if he has more unarmed than armed attacks, he may use the attacks "left over" for open-hand (martial art) attacks in the same round.

A martial artist may only have as much treasure as they can carry until they establish their own training facility. When achieved, they may retain 1 object of value per 10 students. This object is integral to the school and the school will collapse if it is lost, stolen, or destroyed.

A martial artist must tithe a MINIMUM of 60% of their 'earnings' to the nearest school aligned with their school (or they may send it to the school of their origin) or to a cause associated to the schools interests. Many schools also require symbolic donations as well.

​A martial artist must strictly obey the ethos that is set by their school. If, at any time, they fail to do so they may continue advancing as a martial artist but will no longer find willing teachers and all students will consider the character a mortal enemy.​

A martial artist may only carry 6 magical items at any time.

A martial artist may spend their W.P. and their N.W.P. on their martial skills.

Warrior XP Levels
Stats Table
LevelFighterPaladin/Ranger/Martial ArtistHD (d10/d10/d10/d12)
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Proficiency Slots
Stats Table
GroupWP InitialWP #LevelsPenaltyNWP InitialNWP #Levels
Martial Artist33-233
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martial artist.png
Initial Funds 5d4x10
Hit Die Type d12
Ability Requirements Strength 9
Races Allowed The marital artist may be of any race (though some schools have racial requirements).
Alignment Restrictions A martial artist must be neutral in at least one aspect of their alignment. ​
THAC0 Chart
Stats Table
Martial Artist2019181716151413121110987654321
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