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Decessia I

Queen Decessia I of the Tapja Vaal

Queen Decessia Surma I was an esteemed monarch of the Tapja Vaal that reigned over the Mook Islands between the years 36-231 MA. She was most celebrated for ending the 'Thousand Years of Isolation' of her people and entering a commerce pact with the human Kingdom of Album.

For disciples of the Church of the Black Zombie, she is one of their Great Black Pillars. This however, is disputed by people of the Tapja Vaal today, who claim that she had never had any hand in the formation of the church or in helping the saint, Ironia of Sheleg. Some asset it is to maintain peacful political relations with the Albis royal family.
Divine Classification
Great Black Pillar
Aligned Organization

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Cover image: Album Cover by Yurii & rikia
Character Portrait image: Decessia I


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