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True Dragons

The true dragons were all created as lieutenants in the great war. Bahamut created the metallic dragons to protect the good creatures of the world, while Tiamaat created the chromatic to ensure that evil remained. Amaan created the other dragonkind to protect those that, like him, had no interest in the war.
Each dragon was created in what the Gods thought was the perfect form. The metallic good dragons were given the forms of the precious metals that the world contains, while the chromatic evils were given the colours of their parent. All are made from mostly the same template, but with variations based on their role in the world. They are all, as such, in the same genus.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Dragons lay eggs, around a few clutches a decade. However, most do not survive. Metallic dragons lay less, but protect their offspring, while chromatic lay more, but force them to fend for themselves.

Growth Rate & Stages

As 3.5 Draconomicon. Gold, Silver and Red dragons can live indefinitly. Most Gold choose to ascend to Bahamut, and most red are killed in combat with a rival. There are still a few Silvers around from the slaying of Tiamaat.

Dietary Needs and Habits

A dragon is truly omnivorous, they can sustain themselves on nearly anything.

Biological Cycle

The passange of years is barely noticed by a dragon.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Wonderful eyesight, espcially in low light situations. Highly accurate taste and smell. Hearing is so so. They are not very sensitive to touch.
All dragons have blindsight to 60 ft, and have a spark.
Scientific Name
Draconis Veritas
Conservation Status
There are only a couple thousand dragons left in the world. While they continue to reproduce, there are few places left where dragons can live unmolested.

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