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lashar, a world at the center of the Bralis system, part of the ever expanding realms of fantasy, the New Worlds. This setting which was developed for D&D in the late 80's and early 90's, when TSR had a tight control over any new player created content. A group of over 100 people got together online (pre-worldwide web) and brainstormed much of the basis of what you see here. Dozens of contributors and hundreds of players later, the world continues to develop today. The settings of these worlds can be used for a number of different varied RPGs, everything from modern, to dark ages, to post-apocalyptic and everywhere between, it all depends on what time period and feel the DM/GM is looking for. History works in cyclical time within this space, and every 10,000 years, it begins again. The world information follows the current cycle, and how things have developed, particularly in the golden age of exploration, innovation, and enlightenment.