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Created Food and Water

plant life is generally considered highly valuable and is treated with great respect. Due to the significance of wild plants and dificulty of growing food underground magically created food became the primary source of food.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

This food works as the spell Create Food and Water, except it is a level 1 spell that creates enough food and water for 10 people for one day per level and the food is good for 1 day per 2 levels


During the early years of the Migration food was scarce and the various groups working together to survive lived off any underground plants and animals they could get their hands on. However, as time passed the connection between plants and habitable areas was made. Children where taught plants meant clean air and an area suitable for camps or more permanent settlements, this realization meant the various plants shouldn't be damaged or destroyed and eventually they became something of a religious symbol. Once natural plants where seen as a religious symbol it was apparent that a new reliable source of food was needed. Those who could conjure food became celebrities of sorts, they would work with the Dwarfs who had expert knowledge of building and planning in the underground cave systems to establish centers or hubs where groups could go for food. These hubs would eventually become most of the cities that populate the underground today.


With the rediscovery of magically conjured food there was now a means of supporting larger, safer, groups of people. This food would be the linchpin that would ultimately allow for permanent settlements to form. Effectively allowing people to move away from the migratory, hunter/gatherer lifestyle that was necessary
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
This magically created food is generally considered a necessity within virtually all settlements and is provided free of charge to anyone who lives within that settlement.
1lb per person per meal
Base Price


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