Harvest Pies

"Harvest Pies" is the generic term for the various traditional sweet pastries that are abundant at each of the festivals througout the year. Whether made into individual hand pies or served out by the slice at a feast, they are always made from the sweetest ingredients available for the current harvest which often includes berries, fruits, and spices. The fillings are then enclosed in flaky crusts and baked to a golden hue.   

Sweet Harvest

Reaping the abundance of the early berries and young herbs for which the festival named, these harvest pies are made exclusively with fresh fruit and syrups made from boiled tree sap.  


Cerystide Harvest Pies are made from a mixture of preserved fruits, cinnamon, nutmeg, and frostapples. The crusts of larger pies are decorated with geometric patterns, moons, or snowflakes.
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Consumable, Food / Drink


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