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Circlet of Omnipotence

One being can know a little about many things or much about a few, but none are meant to know all about everything.
- Trevor Loring, Sage of the Athenaeum Arcanus
This ornate copper band is approximately one-half-inch wide and has a diameter large enough for it to comfortably sit on a person's brow. While it appears to be a common decorative item, the circlet embues the wearer with the knowledge of any topic they choose to concentrate on. Initially thought to be the ultimate blassing by the sages, they soon learned that the seeming omnipotence it granted came with a cost. The knowledge imparted by the band is not permanent and will fade quickly once the circlet is removed or another topic is chosen. Long term use of the circlet results in the wearing suffering permanent memory loss from the flood of information passed from the item.
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