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…despite the understanding brought to us by another. In continuation of Fae magics we move onto the Titled. Within the realm of the Fae names have great power. So much so that giving one’s true name is of the highest honor one can bestow on another and the most dangerous thing one can do to themselves. As such, names are normally only given during wedding ceremonies between those being wed. There is, however, another form of name one can receive and that is a Title. This is not some simple position, but rather something you have become. Think to the Divines in all their glory and power. Fenrir "The Mithril Wolf" Divine of Civilization and Tazalque "Feathered Serpent of the East Wind" Divine of Records. Think of all the deeds they have done.   Within the realm of Fae magics it is believed that one becomes that which they are titled once enough beings of power see them as such. We are unsure whether a singularly powerful being bestowing the Title would work. Or, if it’s a collective understanding from the world at large seeing and believing you to be the Title you are given. This principle is not wholly foreign to our more human magics as the idea of imbodied concept is how the shamans of old preformed Primal spells and made the Foci of Power scattered around the world. They would, in a sense, become a small piece of something greater during their ceremonies. In fact, it’s supported by several studies done here at this very university that this is how Ascension by Subversion would begin. Think of Maureen Jäger "The Huntress.” If there was a Divine of the Hunt still alive it is possible, as far as our understanding goes, that she could have very well ascended after great achievements like Rodica and Sharik did.   As clumsy as it is to say, the The in front of Titled seems to have some sort of effect. You will notice that none of the Directional Divine have the prefix. For a time we simply thought this was some sort of conceptual magics denoting strength. However, with the Aeon of Meraki going by Adjudicator Lord rather than The Adjudicator Lord some scholars believe The is a denotation of a singular being. What this means practically speaking is unclear. Frankly this all is unclear, that’s why the Titled are taught here in Advanced Experimental Magics 403 rather than your introductory classes. What is clear is that those Titled seem to be primed for something…


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