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Sludge Blood Disease

Common Sources-Hunter centipedes, toxic waste, black goo, plague bats   Undead, Elvs, and Dragonblooded are immune to this disease.   Beastkin are resistant to this disease.   SBD- This disease comes in 3 stages. Effects are felt within hours of getting the disease.   Stage-1: Creatures with this disease have their blood thicken by contaminations from their upper GI track seeping into their bloodstream. While the creature has this condition they have half movement speed, reduce their Con and Dex by 2 and max Hit Points by 5.   Stage-2: 3 to 5 days after being infected the blood becomes toxic preventing healing from non-magical sources and giving the creature the Poisoned condition. Reduce Con by an additional 4 points and all other Ability Scores by an additional 2. Reduce max HP by 10.   Stage-3: 7-10 days after stage 2 the kidneys and liver begin to give out. The creature takes 1d6 poison damage every ten minutes and all physical Ability Scores are reduced by an additional 6 points and magical healing below 3rd level only heals for half.  


  Assuming you cannot find proper medical aid look to the following.   During the first stage a mixture of dilating agents minor blood letting can aid in recovery. Blood thinning agents like glove wart, Hom’s seed, Santbill’s beak, and blue thyme can greatly aid the inflected. Keeping them warm and massaging the body to promote blood flow helps as well. Drink more water than normal.   During stage two blood letting is not advised due to the likely hood of additional infections. An alchemical injection of 2 parts Hom’s seed extract, 3 parts Lemon berry seed oil, and 5 parts racial blood fluid has been most effective. If the creature is not allergic to Spotted Red Cap mushrooms eating one a day is also recommended. Drink more water than normal.   Before stage 3 the above aids should lead to a recovery. Though it might be a long one. During third stage however, the cahnces drop. Increase to 4 parts Lemon berry seed oil and inject into the kidneys and liver. Additionally, you must now use some mixture of anti-fluid reagents to combat the build up in the longs which the more concentrated injection may cause. Do not continue massages but try to keep them warm despite the fever. Drink more water than normal.

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