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Oh-ien "The Freeing River" Divine of the Great River Oh-ien

…First born to the Fraylorn Divine of Rain, Oh-ien was one of the oldest divine of the Fraylorn empire. Despite having very little in the way of combat or political power the late Oh-ien held cultural power that rivaled that of the likes of Maga Saol and Lonrach. This is from how much of herself she gave to the people of the Fraylorn Empire. It’s in a River’s nature to be ever changing and ever flowing and she was no different. While core beliefs remained the same she was able to adapt to the cultural changes of the elves extremely quickly. This let her know the people on a deeper level than what most Divine can achieve simply by their nature as Immortals…   …Records vary as to if it was the destruction of medical housing or the death of Ag Séideadh, the Fraylorn Divine of Breezes, that made her decision to betray the Fraylorn Empire, but this decision is held by most historians as the second largest turning point in the war. Her power over Rivers and the flow of water gave the younger races a “river” of ocean waters to easily travel across when going from the northern to the southern continent. This is on top of the information she had and the lesser Fraylorn Divine that followed her lead…   …Oh-ien is remembered as a powerful personality, but gentle in manner. She seemed to be able to go wherever she wished while never stepping on anyone’s toes. Infact it is recorded that most found themselves better off, mentally speaking at least, after dealing with her. As to the question of was this part of her Divine powers or simply her warm personality no one is sure. Even the Divine alive today, such as Rodica and Sharik, are torn as to the answer…   …It is recorded in Rodintra history, and stated by a number of the 12 Divine, that Oh-ien knew her time was numbered once the layline of negative energy rotated and destroyed much of her culture. Rather than wasting away she gave the Rodintra one last gift. In an apology for their treatment by her people she committed ritualistic suicide giving birth to the river that turned the desert of the Rodintra’s new home into a thriving oasis along it. She has a shrine to her memory at the source and mouth of Oh-ien’s Tashia…   -Excerpts from Umbren Universa's inaugural year as noted by Ragnarök Scribe 4th Division
Festering filth that even our great Sun refuses to gaze upon know this! Like a lake stagnant and disease bearing you have become! Time flows forward and so should the creatures of it! I rebuke your perverted claim upon the land and vacate my station!   -Oh-ien


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