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Maureen Jäger "The Huntress"

…The Great Huntress and Holy Devil was born in a small forest village, though we don’t know precisely where as Jäger is reported to have said it was utterly destroyed and she had no intention of going back. Therefore, for all we know one of you reading this could be living on the plot of earth where she grew up. Her early life is a mystery and as the only records we have been able to prove are after Geweiht was summoned it is unlikely we will ever know more. More on that in chapter 17…   …As she ventured on her crusade coming into conflict with demons, man, dragons, and even the divine themselves the one common thread that has been recorded was her cold and calculating demeanor. Ferdinand, one of Jäger‘s traveling partners, the first Emperor of Darton, wrote in his memoirs “She moved with purpose in all things. The smooth practiced motion of putting on her boots each morning held the same focus as the stroke that sundered the demon lord. It is beyond me to recall from even the deepest recesses of my mind a moment where Maureen went where the wind took her. Rather, she was the eye of the storm that all circled around.”…   …When an Eidolon is summoned it takes on a reflection or representation of the summoner’s soul. Given this Geweiht is believed to be all her furry, passion, and emotion manifested into a single being. Where Jäger’s combat style was one of tactics and countering Geweiht was a force of nature. Raging into the heat of combat and pulverizing everything it could get its hands on…   …The yearly festival of Saint Maureen we know today is far more grand than it was at the beginning. No, this festival of lights began from Jäger’s one softer sign of affection and aspect of herself from before the loss of her family. During downtime or while waiting for a target to arrive the Huntress would craft small wooden sculptures of animals and give them to those she cared for. It known that she would choose an animal that she felt the person matched with most. While we know nothing of her parentage other than she is a half elf this custom of animal carving can be linked back to the Ester clan of Elves that came from the Fraylorn Empire’s northern lands. If any of you readers make it to the human capital of Fenton you can find a small horse Jäger gave to the first Emperor still magically preserved…   ...She had three children, three boys, though the father or fathers are not known. From all the information I could gather from the Jäger family while creating this documentary her sons didn’t know either. Many have used this to speculate that the Jäger’s are of the royal line of Darven as well. However, several family heads over the years have reiterated and renounced any claim these rumors might entail. No one takes them seriously now a days. Though the Jäger and Darven line still hold a very cousinly relationship despite having never married into each other’s lines…   …Upon her death Jäger was buried in an unknown location by her three sons. Its rumored that only the heads of the Jäger family know the location, if any still do. Her Chosen marks were returned to the divine that bestowed them. It is said that her spear Rächerin and cross bow Letztes Wort rest within the Jäger vaults…   -Excerpts from the besting selling The Great Huntress: Biography of Maureen Jäger by Ur-kan Planestaker
Body of salt. Mind of iron. Soul of fire. You ask how we will take back this world and I have given my answer.   -Maureen Jäger


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