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The Breeze

Whether short gusts or thunderous storms, all winds are the works of The Breeze. She seeks to manipulate the current of force to aid the mortals she skips past. Her light breezes allow ripe fruits to fall and carry the seeds of fruitful plants and barley. Her strong gusts work to abet sea vessels and guide them away from dangerous territories. However, her following is limited to those farmers and sailors as such her power is limited. Her manipulation of these air currents can later result in torrential storms however, in the aftermath the sufferers can find carnation petals as a plea for forgiveness.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Those who support her charitable labour possess an earring with gold filing that causes it to spin in the winds.

Blessed 80% - 20% Cursed   Domains: Nature, Tempest.   Oaths: Devotion, Redemption.   Pacts: Chain, Shadow.   Patrons: Archfey.
Divine Classification
Isirian Pantheon
Darkened Blue
Skin Tone

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