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Kempur (KEHM-per)

Kempur is the god of justice and duty in the Northwestern Gyrlands, and presides over the concepts of law, justice, duty, wards, and protection. Known as the Oak-Snapper, the Great Warder, and the Justice Bringer, he is revered primarily in Ehrethir as one of the greatest of that land's champions, who was so powerful and great he ascended to godhood. He is worshipped alongside a small pantheon of Northern gods that are generally not recognized officially by the Empire.   Kermpur's clerics pray for their spells in the morning, at the end a period of short meditation in which they count through all the people they plan to guard, honor, or protect that day. Clerics and paladins of Kempur are often dedicated to protecting those who cannot protect themselves, guarding the weak against the strong. The faithful of Kempur are known as some of the bravest and noble individuals in all of Aetregyr. They never foalter in the relentless pursuit of followers of deities of tyranny and cruelty such as Lomus, Sl'grast, and Alauthé.   While not outright banned in the Empire, Kempur's worship is viewed as troublesome at best by local authorities. He is sometimes considered by Avateynian rulers to be a galvanizing symbol of resistance or even open rebellion by a certain segment of "regressive" Ehrethirans. To some extent, this perception is warranted, as he is revered by a considerable number of revolutionaries and wildfolk. Far Northern druids and rangers who worship Kempur emphasize the wildness of the harsh northern landscape. Kempurian druids are generally seen as practitioners of a more ancient kind of magic, one passed down from the Archfey that long ago saw no boundaries between the First World and the New World back when it was all wilderland. They consider themselves the true keepers of the worship of Kempur, moreso than those who oversee his worship in large cities and towns.   Kempur's Temples are either small chapels or shrines at best, and in the larger cities and towns of Coldhaven, they are often kept somewhat hidden from direct view of Imperial authoritiers. Kempurians keep things austere, decorations are minimal and consist primarily of depictions in artwork or sculpture of Kempur's great deeds. They may be windowless and doors to such shrines may be completely hidden. In fact, inside the boundaries of the Empire, pilgrims are only granted access to his places of worship by invitation only. Ironically, the farther you go from Imperial influence and civilaztion, the more free and open the worship of Kempur. Small villages in the Northern reaches will very often have a central shrine to the Oak-Snapper, and sometimes even one to his chief captain, Dhouran Llwoyd.

Divine Domains

Justice, Duty, Wards, Protection, War, Law, Order, Good

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A mighty oak tree split in two down the trunk.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Piercing Blue   Skin
Ruddy red, freckled and cracked by long days and cold northern winds   Hair
Long unkempt red hair, with an equally long unkempt red beard

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

The Oak Snapper, The Great Warder, Justice Bringer
Ehrethir, The Nevermelt
Divine Classification
Intermediate God
Lawful Good
Justice, Duty, Protection, Wards, War, Order, Law, and Good
Paladins, Guardians, Wardens, Soldiers, Revolutionaries
Worshiper Alignments
Favored weapon


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