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The four great empires on Aestrona, the largest moon of Liohav, have entered a race to claim newly accessible frontiers. Advancements in space-faring in the technocracy of Excium - swiftly stolen or sold to the highest bidder by mercenary scientists - have allowed the nations to sail the Seas of Blood and reach other moons. It is a time of great upheaval as every empire attempts to establish colonies and secure the power of untapped resources.   Meanwhile, trouble brews on the moon's surface. Though the Vat-Ceron which plagued Aestrona for centuries finally lies dead, the echoes of its corruption reverberate still in the continued activity of the Karrusk and Daemarraunt. The City-State of Excium flexes its mechanical might in the south, threatening an expansion war into economically important neutral territories. The relationship between sister nations Draakfall and Graja'did, sour for many decades now, worsens amidst a series of unexplained events. As Pania Rora prepares to test the supremacy of its sorcery on distant moons, assassination attempts against its ruler, the young Magical Princess Leile, are rising to a fever pitch.