Eternal Time

Unending Time, Granted to the Greatest Resonators

Eternal Time continues to allude me. I've put the time into researching it's effects and the cost of it. I know that I have about the right amount of power to reach it, yet the concept still boggles my mind. To understand how to apply Resonance in such a way that I'm simultaneously slowing and accelerating myself, all the while cycling different volumes of Resonance out to restore power sounds impossible. Yet, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of Resonators out there who are able to do so in their sleep--literally.
I'm going to keep pushing on without help but, if I don't make progress soon, I may need to visit the Consulate of Sihwamn before long. There are a number of people there who could help, if only I knew for sure that they'd keep my visit a secret. Hopefully I can figure this out, otherwise I may be incapacitated by the time I need to use my Resonance.
-- Eritís Meseti, Dear Son, Journal Collection
Users of Ti are rare because of the The Izpako-Denrola Effect; however, they are dangerous. Not only can they disrupt the flow of time, but the greatest of them can live forever. Be careful, they're crafty and powerful.
— Expert Resonator
  Eternal Time is one of the greatest skills of The Core of Time, allowing Resonators to halt the aging within their bodies. However powerful, the skill doesn't come without a cost; namely, Resonators capable of using Eternal Time are uncommon and, among those who can, few have notable volumes of Resonance left at their command after using Eternal Time.   While the basics of the skill are understood, the conceptualization of the skill has only ever been truly understood by a single person: the Second Resonex and the first user of Eternal Time. A number of studies into the capabilities of Resonance have resulted in Eternal Time becoming one of the greatest mysteries of Resonance: conceptually fallible despite its existance.
Eternal Time is a specific skill to The Core of Time, effectively allowing for a Resonator to cancel out the effects of time upon their body while still interacting with the primary timestream
Laws & Restrictions
Naturally, users of Eternal Time have to sacrifice a Class 1 volume of Resonance to use the skill; imposed by the Consulate of Sihwamn, Eternal Time users are forced to retire at the age of 300
A highly costly skill, the Resonance used originates from the Resonator

Abilities and Effects

When Eternal Time is activated, the Resonator is effectively suspending their body in time while allowing their mental capacity and motion to be exerted. Though some users of Eternal Time have attempted to look into this paradox between being frozen in time and activity, the extent to which the phenomena is understood is limited. Some theorize that the skill simply freezes key cells or organs in the body, allowing the rest of the body to remain in motion. Others have theorized that Eternal Time simply uses Resonance at such a powerful scale that it breaks the observed laws of nature, much like what occurs during Vibrations.   The second paradoxical ability of Eternal Time is the simultaneous restoration and depletion of Resonance. Though breaking the observed laws of The Core of Time, it's understood that the Resonator is subconsciously using their Resonance and releasing it on set intervals. The intervalation and release of Resonance is likely what allows for the disruption of time, equally allowing the previously used Resonance to restore. The cycle does, however, take up a sizable chuch of Resonance which is constantly being drained and restored, making it virtually unusable without cancelling the effects of Eternal Time.
It's a paradox. How does one stop their body from experiencing while continuing to explore the timestream? The answer was lost with the death of the Second Resonex.   To use this skill, you must simply wrap your head around the paradox. If you need to follow one of the theories, do so. But you will never truly understand how Eternal Time works--even once you've mastered it to the point of using it in your sleep.   But first, you must master the balance of Resonance. If you cannot find a way to exchange Resonance in order to slow it's drain, you won't ever master Eternal Time.
Nyo'mus Ibhis, Founder of the Consulate of Sihwamn
  An added ability of Eternal Time, when implemented properly, is the ability to survive without food, water, or sleep. However, the application of Eternal Time does come in a scale. While less experienced, users of Eternal Time won't be able to completely stop their aging. This means they will need to learn to use the skill in their sleep, before eventually no longer requiring sleep.   Conversely, the lack of metabolism within users of Eternal Time removes their ability to naturally heal. To the more powerful users, this is but an inconvenience as it's a simple skill to learn to accelerate the metabolism of cells to regenerate simple injuries more rapidly. To less experienced and less powerful users of Eternal Time, they will have to instead cancel out the effects of Eternal Time to heal. This includes anything from bruises to scrapes.  


  Eternal Time is a skill known among high Class Resonators for it's notorious tendency to break many of the observed laws regarding the consumption of Resonance, going so far as to allow for a single supply of Resonance to infinity supply a Resonator with the ability to slow time. Because of this, only the barebones of natural limitations have been discovered. However, the Consulate of Sihwamn has imposed several limitations on users of Eternal Time to combat the dangers posed by nigh-immortality.  


  While Eternal Time is infamous for it's inexplicable disregard for many laws of Resonance, it is still limited by the power of Resonance. In order to sustain the skill, the Resonator has to sacrifice a set amount of Resonance as, if they don't have enough power, they will be unable to properly use the skill; there have been several Resonators were unable to learn to use Eternal Time, only partially completing the requirements eventaully resulting in the opposite of the desired effect: aging at twice the normal speed.   While there is still no known system to measure the precise volume of Resonance at the disposal of Resonators, however, the testing system used by The Core of Time roughly outlines the level of power needed for Eternal Time as the first Class of Resonators.   Additionally, many of Class 1 Resonators drop down to a Class 3 or 4 Resonator when using Eternal Time due to their limited capacity; there are two known Resonators who remained Class 1 and five known Resonators who only dropped to Class 2. It's believed that this disparity is caused by Eternal Time requiring a Class 1 volume of Resonance but doesn't consume the same volume, yet again creating a paradox of the rules and restrictions of Resonance.


  All users of Eternal Time are monitored heavily by the Resonex Monitoring Core and the Consulate of Sihwamn in order to ensure they don't become Resonex. Based upon the laws imposed by the Consulate of Sihwamn, who has the task of keeping users of Eternal Time in line, after reaching the age of 300 users of Eternal Time must retire to the Consulate of Sihwamn--upon retirement, Eternal Time Resonators are removed from the watch of the Resonex Monitoring Core and no longer included in the counts the Resonex Monitoring Core publishes yearly, instead isolated in the Consulate of Sihwamn and under the careful watch of Nyo'mus Ibhis.    
Eternal Time Resonators
Throughout all of history, there have been 125 single Core Resonators capable of using Eternal Time; Resonex are discluded from this count due to their abnormal volumes of Resonance. Of these Resonators, 113 remain in the Consulate of Sihwamn, 2 have been granted permission to have a permanent residency in Ilkada, 1 is currently active, and 9 have been killed for various reasons.


Author's Notes

This is a bit of a weird one. It's meant to sort of twist the known rules of Resonance. Hopefully, I managed to explain it well enough that your mind is so lost you can't tell whether or not this completely destroys my system. Worst case scenario? I've just broken the laws I set in place for some back burner idea that I wanted to implement.   However, this will likely be my last World Ember article. I plan on switching gears completely and working on a short story/novel set in a more isolated section of this world, which means I'll get to begin my first nation. That'll probably take a few months, but I really want to write a smaller story in which the ramifications aren't the life/death of the entire world. Anyway, thanks to those of you who made it this far and I hope you had a great World Ember/Holiday season.  

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