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Skellat are extremely rare creatures that have the ability to fly and carry people on their backs. They are also the fastest flying creature capable of being ridden, making them one of the rarest mounts in Aervos.  


The Skellat are an extremely rare species. Even if the Skellat's elusiveness make them extremely hard to catch, any poaching or unnecessary killing of the creatures are forbidden in many nations.  

Deadly Hunters

Skellat make fearsome hunters, spotting their prey, usually insisting of large mountain herbivores, like mountain goats or sheep, and diving down at incredible speeds, attacking with deadly sharp claws. Usually solitary creatures, they sometimes cooperate to take down threats like Mountain Wyverns.  


Skellats are one of the rarest mounts in the world. They are the fastest flyer known, and a Skellat being used in combat by an expert flyer makes for a devastatingly effective unit. But taming a Skellat is a very difficult and lengthy process. The first step involves finding a Skellat's territory, which can only be found when one dives at you, talons brandished. One must survive in the territory until the creature recognises that you mean it no harm, and then it becomes curious. After that you must bond with the Skellat, spending time with it and bribing it with food. Once the Skellat appreciates you, and it it decides to follow you, then you have to get it used to you riding on it. Once that is finished you have a Skellat mount!

Basic Information


The Skellat are usually around 7 feet long, with lean bodies and white fur covering most of their bodies. They have four legs that they stand on, with large paws that retract long sharp talons capable of piercing Wyvern hide. The head is similar to a peregrine falcon, except with white feathers. They have large wings, shaped like a falcon wings, on their shoulders, and smaller fin-like wins on the bottom of their back. These allow for fast flying and gliding, and the fins allow for quick manoeuvrability while flying.

Ecology and Habitats

Skellat, as rare as they are, can be found high in snowy mountaintops, in the central region of Aervos. Skellat's live solitary lives, each with their own territory, and rarely are seen with each other unless a large threat threatens their habitats.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Skellat have extraordinary eyesight, far more capable than humans. They are able to spot things on the ground from very high up in the air, using this talent to catch their prey.
Conservation Status
Under Protection

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