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The Scroll of Foxwood


This scroll was written by Grand Keeper Ghallus and given to the priests in Foxwood along with Key of Alda for safekeeping. The scroll is a record of what happened to Alda and details how to use the Key to enter Alda.

Document Structure


The first section of the scroll is a detailed record of what happened in Alda. The second section is instructions on how to use the key of Alda.


Under no circumstances must the key be used to enter Alda without the express permission and guiadance of Grand Keeper Ghallus. He must be present while the scroll is read and while the key is in use. Doing so without his consent will be punishable by lifelong imprisonment and even death.

Publication Status

This scroll is completely hidden and secret from the public. Only a select few priests of the highest order in Foxwood are even aware of its existence.

Legal status

This scroll is written and backed by the Keeper Ghallus.

Historical Details


This scroll signified the end of Alda and the Aldar people, along with their technology and influence.


During the reign of Grand Keeper Salamar, he closed the borders to Alda, not allowing anyone of Aldar descent to enter or even see Alda. He then opened the Science & Research Facility in Alda and allowed men to study the Arvalis and even granted them permission to use it for the sake of new technology and the betterment of Alda and its people. By the end of his reign hundreds of years later, the Aldar had become a highly advanced society with technology far beyond what any other person could dream of. Advanced medicine, sophisticated machines and computer systems, near instantaneous transportation, as well as fast and flying transportation. When Ghallus became Keeper, their technology was far beyond even what us humans on earth have come close to achieving, because the Arvalis is an infinite source of energy that can never run out and was used to power everything. However, because of their peaceful utopian society, a radical group of scientists decided that Alda no longer needed a Keeper and built Arvalis powered weapons with the power and potential to kill a Keeper. They attacked Ghallus in the Great Temple of Korazel and ultimately lost. Ghallus, wielding the full power of the Arvalis, destroyed his attackers and then destroyed the whole of Alda, for they had become corrupted by the Arvalis and needed to be destroyed. Using the Arvalis he decimated to entire continent. Only a small portion remained so he sealed it off using a barrier making it invisible to the eye and impossible to find. As a way of gaining access in the future, he took a small share of the Arvalis and used it to make the Key of Alda. After this he wrote this scroll to document what had happened, and to tell how to use the Key in order to enter Alda.

Public Reaction

The public are unaware of this document or the history of it, including what happened to Alda. The priests that recieved the scroll with the Key of Alda were shocked, however they vowed to keep the items well hidden and secret.


Many, many years after Ghallus entrusted them with the scroll and the Key of Alda, a member of the secret priesthood caused a rebellion claiming that the Key was a powerful resource to reclaim the technology of Alda. A war broke out among the priesthood between those who agreed with the insurgent and those who wanted to uphold what the Keeper had entrusted them with. In the end, the rebellion was defeated and for safety measures, the Key and the scroll were hidden away from Foxwood in the Temple of Salamar located in Solima. It remained there, hidden in secret until it was discovered by Arc and his party, hundreds of years later. During the time that it was hidden away, the secret priesthood faded out of existence and has never been heard of again.


The scroll had no term. It is permanent.

Manuscript, Historical

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