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The Key of Alda

3. The Key of Alda The Key of Alda was created by Ghallus as a mean to seal off the remaining islands of Alda after it's destruction. In order to preserve the memory and culture of Alda, Ghallus hid Alda within an invisible forcefield and its only way of access is with the Key of Alda. The Key is made from a small shard of the Arvalis itself. I currently have no design for it, it doesn't necessarily have to look like the shape of a key, it could literally just be a glowing rock. The Key, however, does give off an innate glow, which is why the party is attracted to it and intrigued in it in the first place. When they come across it in the Ancient Temple of Salamar, they have no idea what it is, it just looks important and ancient, presumably because its a glowing artifact. Much like the cannons, the Key can be used by anyone. The key can also activate Arvalis powered machines and devices by being in close proximity, an example would be the portal in the basement of the Foxwood Temple that leads to the researchers pocket dimension. When the party is close to it while holding the Key of Alda, the portal lights up and activates.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Key of Alda has no moving parts, nor is it used the same way a traditional key would be used, that is to say the it does not fit in a lock of some sort. Instead the Key works by proximity to its door or compatible device. For instance, when one approaches the Aldan Barrier shielding Alda from view, they will be able to pass through the barrier and will not only be able to see Alda, but have full access to it and it's ruins/technology. It's other known use it to power the portal that leads to the Aldan Scientists secret pocket dimension.

Manufacturing process

The Grand Keeper Ghallus extracted a shard from the Arvalis, a process only he can do by utilizing the power of the Arvalis itself. After extracting a shard he formed it into its current shape.


This artifact has great celestial significance. The Key of Alda is the means of accessing the ancient ruins of Alda. Alda was a highly advanced society that was destroyed by Ghallus and sealed away from view. The remnants of the continent were made hidden by an invisible barrier created throught the power of the Arvalis. By using the key of Alda, one would have the ability to locate Alda and pass through its barrier unharmed.

Item type
Unique Artifact
Subtype / Model
The Arvalis
Unique, only one in existence
3.4 lbs
The Key of Alda (as of now) is an orb roughly the size of a baseball.
Base Price
Priceless. The value of this item in unimaginable.
Raw materials & Components
The Key of Alda is made from a shard of the Arvalis. It naturally glows and is imbued with the Light of the Arvalis itself. It is unbreakable and its power is infinite.
Nothing made by human hands can fashion the Key of Alda, rather only the Keeper has the ability to make it using a shard of the Arvalis.

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