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The Kazili

Public Agenda

The Kzaili exists to have control of trade routes in Sundaaq. There are chapter of Kazili in places like Ghaazi, Amara, the Tribelands, and even rumors (still unproven) of a Kazili band in Sadeeqa. Once they have established a dominant control over the trade routes, they will be able to become the wealthiest people in all of Salem.


The Kazili currently control up to 75% of incoming and outgoing trade in the Kingdom of Sundaaq and the Zhenza Tribelands. Because of this, they have an enormous surplus of many kinds of trade. This includes gold, spices, textiles, cattle, fishing operations, glass, fruit, building materials, and precious stones.


The Kazili was started by the Kazili family, merchants that had a trade business in the city of Kazka. It grew quite large and they had many people working for them. The father of the family suddenly died, due to a rare sickness, and his son took over the family business. The son was much shadier in his dealings with business and before long, the Kazili family business grew into a criminal empire. Kazili was no longer known as the family name, but as the group of people involved in the business. They took over businesses within the city by force, or caused the people of other businesses to pay them enormous amounts to keep them from killing them and taking their business as their own. Over the next 40 years, the Kazili were everywhere in the kingdom, some of them more peaceful than others. They owned a significant amount of trade in Sundaaq, and kept their spoils in a hidden location somewhere in the Quraah Desert. Their home base is still located in Kazka, but the bulk of their business comes from the capital city of Gizar.
Guild, Thieves
Alternative Names
Kazili Thieve's Guild, The Kazili Family

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