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When the party arrives in Kazka via boat, they immediately begin to ask around for an antidote for Cara’s poison, by this time Cara has fallen into a coma and is very sick. While in the city, the party can visit all the regular shops and sight see. Eventually they find someone who tells them that there is a healer in the capitol city of Sandred, just south of Kazka, where they might find the correct antidote. The party rent some (animal) transportation and leave the city.


Kazka is a small port city in the kingdom of Sundaaq, a northern region of Salem (other spellings include Saalem, Selym, Saalym, Saleem, etc...). Kazka is known for being not only a prosperous trade city, but also one with many thieves. In fact it is home to a famous Sundi thieves’ guild known as the Kazili, a widespread group bent on achieving control over the trade routes in Sundaaq. The architecture in Sundaaq is comprised of buildings made of sandstone, with rounded rooftops, large open doorways and window spaces, lots of columns and spires (resembling that of medieval Arabic architecture).

Alternative Name(s)
The Den of the Kazili
Large town
Inhabitant Demonym

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