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The Great Trade City of Vaash

After exiting the Quicklands, the party travels a short distance north to the Trade City of Vaash. Here the party can visit all kinds of shops and do a great number of things. At the docks, the party must find a ship that will take them aboard to Beryn, another port city across the ocean in the coastal country of Chora, which is the next destination on their way to Silverspire. They manage to secure a spot on a ship headed for Beryn called The Red Maiden.


a. The Great Trade City of Vaash is located in the far north of the Tribelands of Ziz. It was built during the reign of Keeper Morra and was named after his predecessor Vaash, a past Keeper from Salem. Over the span of a few hundred years, Vaash was built, became a great and prosperous city, then during a war between the kingdoms of Amara, Sundaaq, and the Tribes of Ziz, was burned to the ground in a siege, and then built again to become even larger and more prosperous than before. Today, the city boasts a massive trade market, a sizable population, and ports that rival some of the great cities in Selenica. Its architecture is fashioned after Suundi style, which consists of large sandstone buildings with domed roofs, tall columns and spires. Vaash has changed ownership many times in its lifespan due do to tribal warfare. Currently Vaash is owned by the Degyu Tribe, and its flags are shown throughout the city.

Alternative Name(s)
Vaash, The Pride of Ziz
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