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Salem is a continent that the party visits on their way to Silverspire. It is in Salem where the party desperately searches for a cure for Cara’s poison. While she lies in a coma, the other party members track down an antidote. Once Cara is awake and well, the party must cross the quicklands, a sea of quicksand, and then board a ship to the port city of Beryn, the next stop on the way to Silverspire.


The continent of Salem is mostly arid, dry, and home to many of the world’s deserts. Unlike Frewen and Zarafell, Salem is not one kingdom ruled by a single family or king, but rather the continent is split between 8 different regions. There are the Shenza Tribelands to the northwest, the kingdom of Sundaaq is to the east of them, to the southwest is the closed off Sultanate of Sadeeqa, in central Salem is the desert Kingdom of Amara, to the far south is the arid Sultanate of Furaaq, just a little northwest from there is the Kingdom of Kuzka, to the northeast there are the nomadic Tribes of Ziz, and lastly the far east the is the Sultanate of Ghaazi.

Fauna & Flora

Flora - arid desert plants, semi-arid desert plants, palm trees, date palms, figs and mulberries   Fauna - unique to Salem is the great Sandworms that live in the Quicklands.

Natural Resources

Glass from the sand, spices from desert plants, meat from goats and the like


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