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The Eastern Sahleed Pass

The party traverses through the Eastern Sahleed Pass on their way towards the Quicklands where they hope to cross and find a ship bound for Beryn, a city on the way to Silverspire. During their trip through the Pass, the party decides to stop for the night and take shelter in a ruined building they find. It turns out to be an ancient Aldan temple in ruins. Once they are finished at the temple (much hijinks to be had) the party continues eastward towards the Quicklands.


The semi-arid Eastern Sahleed Pass is much like the Northern Sahleed Pass, however, the Eastern Pass is much hillier, and the further east one travels, the more forested it becomes with taller brush and trees, becoming more and more green. As you travel along the road, there is a steep hill to the south and waterholes are present further east on the Pass. In the ancient past, the Pass used to be home to a large city where many people in Sundaaq would come and trade in sprawling markets. A long forgotten Keeper once had a temple built in this region but has long been abandoned and forgotten.
Alternative Name(s)
The Sahleed Desert

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