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Ancient Desert Temple of the Forgotten Keeper

After leaving Sandred, and after Cara has been cured, the party travel east through the Eastern Sahleed Pass towards the Quicklands and they decide to stop for the night. While preparing for their night, Frith discovers some ruins not far from their camp and they decide to spend the night there instead. It turns out to be the ancient ruins of an Aldan temple. They roam around and are amazed by the architecture and murals when suddenly they are attacked by a band of raiders. They fight back and in the fray an explosive goes off and creates a large hole in the floor leading to a previously undiscovered lower level to the temple, Arc and Cara are trapped together while the others are left on the surface. Arc and Cara find a safe spot in an open (possible) sanctuary and decide to rest. Upon awakening they find Rael has found them and calmly speaks to them, revealing secrets to them before leaving. Cara and Arc must then solve some puzzles in order to escape back the surface where the party awaits them.


This ancient Aldan temple was built over 1000 years ago by a now forgotten Keeper (Grand Keeper Morra). Most scholars credit Keeper Vaash for this temple since his origin is from Salem. Today, the temple is in total ruins and has been abandoned for many hundreds of years. Often raiders, traveling caravans, or people lost in the desert will seek shelter inside the temple ruins. Surprisingly though, most of the interior of the temple, especially the areas that were built underground, have remain untouched and undiscovered. Who knows what treasures and secrets may still be hidden under the sand.

Long, long ago
Alternative Names
Ancient Temple of Morra, Temple Ruins
Temple / Religious complex
Parent Location
The Eastern Sahleed Pass

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