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Farrus Galedeep

Captain Farrus Belan'ya Galedeep

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Farrus is proficient in using hooked weapons, katars, short swords, and ropes

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Farrus was born and raised in a small port town in the small coastal country of Nula. As a boy, he spent most of his days out on the water, learning to swim, fish, and sail. He was very close with his father Miguel, and then one day, while out on the sea during a fishing expedition, his boat was caught in a terrible storm and his boat disappeared. Farrus's mother believed that Miguel was dead, drowned at sea, but Farrus refused to believe. From that day on he vowed that one day he would find his father and so he left home and decided to live his life at sea. He joined a naval company, first a crew member of a trade ship and then many years later became a top sailor for an Onecian cartographer, and although he enjoys the work, he does not feel content. Being highly vagrant, he does not have any long-term relationships and feels somewhat aimless (though he does not show it). After sailing a while for the cartographer he decided to take up residence in Silverspire and work a the shipyard for a reputable shipwright as an engineer. It was during his employment here when he was tasked by the Keeper to work on a ship for Arc and company.


Although Farrus has no formal training, he has worked his whole life towards becoming a master of the seas, sailing and piloting every kind of boat from a fishing skiff to large frigates and galleons.


Farrus currently works as a naval engineer for a large shipwright company in Silverspire.

Accomplishments & Achievements

According to Farrus, he has successfully sailed around the world 3 times over and has visited every island known to man.

Mental Trauma

When Farrus was a boy, his father went missing while at sea on a fishing expedition. Ever since then, he has refused to believe that his father is dead and instead has vowed to find him again.

Personality Characteristics


Farrus longs to find his missing father and therefore will travel the whole world to find him.


Family Ties

Miguel - Father (missing) Kali - Mother

Religious Views


Social Aptitude

Playful and cheeky, and always trying to charm the ladies (without succeeding). Helps the others mature socially.

Chaotic Neutral
Year of Birth
2579 YA 33 Years old
Port Village of Nu'Caranth in the Country of Nula
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Round grey-blue eyes
Long, braided/dreaded black and red hair
6' 2"
186 Lbs
Known Languages
Norrish, Nulaen, conversational Farhunic, Landish, Eldan, some Saalish, some words in Sundi, conversational Zaran, very basic Dalzen

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