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A'roar'ra (A-ror-ra)

A'roar'ra is the goddess of Dawn, Delight and Dinosaurs.   Some say that A'roar'ra was born at the first dawn, when the first rays of sun touched the everlasting, eternal waters of the void. Others say she was born of delight, of the first laugh, or joke, or pun - depending on who you ask.   Regardless, it is unclear why A'roar'ra decided to take dinosaurs into her pantheon. Many stories describe her interceding on a dinosaur's behalf such as the famous parable of the Thorn in the Claw. She is often depicted as riding into battle on a dinosaur. But the first story - the story of why - is unknown. 0   A'roar'ra's blesses include sudden joy and inspiration, boosts to charisma, and occasionally, developing aspects of the dinosaur, such as sharp teeth, scales, claws or a terrifying roar.   She curses her enemies with hideous laughter, darkness, and an inability to speak in anything except rhyming couplets.


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