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Leidas Vel Naerder

Lord and King of Aelvar Leidas Vel Naerder (great aristocrat)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Leidas is a fit and able Elf, and is the average size and condition for his race. Leidas is strong, well and needs no aid, spending much time in the sun which helps with his resistance.

Body Features

Leidas has beautifully and perfectly white skin, like PERFECTly white, whiter than white, super super white skin.

Facial Features

Leidas's hair is silver and long, just as an Elf's hair should be. His eyes are gold and he has a perfect nose, similarly his ears, eyes and mouth are all perfectly in scale to each other.

Identifying Characteristics

Leidas's only distinguishing feature is a single scar that runs along from his right ear to his right shoulder, obtained from a thrown axe during the war.1

Physical quirks

Leidas is ambidextrous, rare for an Elf but highly regarded, and has a confident and imposing stance when both standing and walking.

Apparel & Accessories

Leidas favours the colour green in clothes, and often wears an emerald-coloured robe (or a robe with actual emeralds). He wears his hair down long, and often has is passed through a silver and green crown, using platinum and emerald. he also loves to decorate things with emerald and serpentine.

Specialized Equipment

Leidas has his own beautifully crafted set of armour, made from hardened and enchanted Aquatium. This armour is not ceremonial, and was used in his old days of commanding in the army. He also wields a finely crafted sword, called Chartreusar, which is attuned around the magic of poison and growth, both the elements that represent the colour green.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Leidas Vel Naerder was born into a wealthy family long before the Elf-Dwarf war. He grew up rich and elegant, and was given the last name Naerder, meaning "great aristocrat", because of how luxuriously he lived. Leidas was well educated, and learnt a great many languages and skills, but still hates Dwarves like the rest of his kind.   At around the age of 50 he was introduced to the King and Queen of Aelvar, Reichel and Veinea, and they helped him to get into the top end of the civilization where he has stayed since. During the Elf-Dwarf war, Leidas fought as a warrior, defending the Kingdom of Aelvar admirably, and slaying many Dwarves. He was regarded as a hero, and met his wife, Pearl, at a War celebration.   When Reichel and Veinea died, Leidas was incredibly sorrowful, however once he had recovered, him and his wife Pearl decided to claim the place of King and Queen, and when unchallenged were declared rulers of the Kingdom of Aelvar.   Since then Leidas has become even more of a respected aristocrat, and Elves mostly love him. The Dwarves of course see him as the epitome of darkness, but Leidas does not care for the thoughts of Dwarves.


Leidas has qualifications from the Quelar High Board in history, mathematics, Elvish language and literature, law, geography, sport, warriorship, cartography, art and propaganda, as well as the languages Common, Gobbo, Dwarvish, Orcish, Magic and Draconic.


Leidas began life as a very rich member of an aristocratic family, and didn't work for a very long time, as he pursued the highest degree of education for himself. However at the age of 40 he became fascinated with law, and so went on to be one of the top end lawyers in the Elvish civilization. He earnt even more money from this, and so stopped again about 20 years later with about 100 years worth of money. However when the Elf-Dwarf war broke out, Leidas decided to serve his Kingdom, and so became a commander in the Aelvarian army where he fought admirably and was seen as an Elvish hero. Once the war had ended he left this role, and became Lord and King of Aelvar with his wife Pearl.

Mental Trauma

Leidas is a strong and confident Elf, and likes to show off his fearless and unbreakable side, however on the inside he is actually scared of both heights and lizards. He would never tell anyone except his closest this of course...

Intellectual Characteristics

Leidas is a very clever and intellectual being, having many top end qualifications from the Quelar High Board. He is also very deep thinking and empathetic when it comes to his peers, and is quick and witty, knowing exactly what to say most of the time. Although he can be put off by unfamiliar faces, he tries to be friendly and welcoming to those who abide by his laws. Ledias is also blinded by a hatred of Dwarves, and will do anything to avenge his old friend Reichel, the old King of the Kingdom of Aelvar.

Morality & Philosophy

Leidas believes in "do what is right for your people", trying to preserve and expand the wellbeing of Elvish and Aelvarian citizens. He will fight for anyone who is endangered by his enemies, but puts aside all morality when Dwarves come into play.


Dwarves. The Dwarvish race is a taboo for Leidas, because of the War, and therefore all Elves must abide by the same primal feelings. Although he won't admit it, Leidas also dislikes heights and lizards, both being fears of his. As is customary for Elves, he also dislikes Orcs.

Personality Characteristics


Leidas is motivated to bring further glory to his Kingdom, inspired by the old King, Reichel, and wants to make the Kingdom of Aelvar the greatest in all the worlds.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Leidas loves chess, and with his smart and strategic thinking is a master of the game. He also has a good mouth for foreign languages, despite his anti-dwarf, anti-goblin and anto-orc nature.

Likes & Dislikes

Leidas loves Elves, and himself. He also likes money and the idea of him and his Kingdom being the best. He also loves apple juice. Leidas hates orcs, dwarves and deeply dislikes goblins.

Virtues & Personality perks

Leidas is patient, calm and thoughtful. He is also intuitive and empathetic to his peers. Physically, he is strong and also ambidextrous.

Vices & Personality flaws

He is very confident in himself, overconfident perhaps, and gets angered when told he cannot do something or is failing. He secretly also is scared of heights and lizards, but is very anxious about anyone finding out.


Leidas is very tidy and neat with everything he does. To be seen messy is not a good thing for him, but he isn't obsessive with it, just thorough. He is also immaculate with his hygiene and routine.


Family Ties

Leidas has a small family, consisting of him, his wife, his brother and his three cousins. His wife is the queen of Aelvar, Pearl Cealir. The two of them are very close friends and get along well, although Pearl is the brains behind the couple. His brother is the renown carpenter Elas Ezadvol, and again, the two of them are very close, with Elas helping and advising Leidas on occasion, and Leidas supporting Elas's business in carpentry. Leidas also has three cousins: Khil, Eir and Grael. They do not interact very much as the three moved away from the capital to the minor farming region Aestarov.   Leidas's parents died in the Elf-Dwarf war, mourned greatly by him and his brother, but mysteriously, nobody can remember who they were, not even Leidas.

Religious Views

Of course, Leidas is a true Aelvarian in the religious aspect. He believes in the ancient legends of the Elf Gods, and has also helped spread the myths of the magical Land "Southern". However he is not very publicly religious, and does not make a big deal out of the Elvish Religion on a day to day basis, instead seeing it as a way of easy propaganda.

Social Aptitude

Leidas is a strong and confident individual when around others, although he can be slightly egotistical at times, however he also hides a lot from the world, and so when caught off guard he can be struck with nervousness. Leidas always tries to know what to say, something he is actually rather good at, and often finishes other people's sentences for them word for word. Around unfamiliar people he has a tendency to back off, but tries to overcome this in an attempt to be welcoming to anyone new to the Aelvarian Kingdom. If you abide by his laws, he will be a good host and friend to you. Leidas is also very upkept and formal in non-private conversation. He likes to think of himself as "the most important", and so tries to reflect that in his mannerism and actions. However in contrast, Leidas also is very polite to others, and puts his family and close friends ahead of himself, holding doors and drawing chairs for other people.

Hobbies & Pets

Leidas loves to play chess and other strategic board games. This is because of his natural battle-strategy mind, which he refines through these games. Leidas also enjoys some sports like badminton and tennis, although they are rarely seen in Aelvar. Leidas and Pearl also keep a pet mouse, who accompanies them to speeches and meetings, although is usually looked after by Pearl at those times.


Leidas is formal and concise with his talking, and isn't an excessive talker. However in his announcements and speeches he can ramble on for hours, and is the fire of the conversation in his close friendships. He never likes to swear, however does on occasion to spark up the interest of his audience in speeches, and if he does he usually does it in other languages that are not Elvish, Halfling or Common, such as Gobbo, Dwarvish and Orcish.

Wealth & Financial state

Oh my god. I don't even know what to say for his wealth. Leidos is super duper aristocratic, rich and wealthy, and, well, not afraid to spend it. He owns all of Aelvar by law, bar the Ketamain mountains, and has thousands of Aelvinithian credits to spend. He also loves emeralds, silver and serpentine, and decorates his possessions with the rich and lush silver and green colours. Most of his wealth sits away in huge island vaults, previously owned by the old king of Aelvar, but he also does like to spend money, usually in large sections at a time.

Lawful Neutral
Light Elves
Elven - Aelvarian
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord and King of Aelvar
Year of Birth
295 DW 431 Years old
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Male, he, him, his
Reidas's hair is long, silver and shiny, just like Elvish hair should be.
Aligned Organization
Kingdom of Aelvar
Known Languages
Elvish, of course, to the greatest of its potential. Common, Dwarvish and Magic to very good degrees, all qualified. Orcish and Gobbo to fairly excellent standards. Draconic, although this is still a work in progress and is very rusty by nature.
Character Prototype
Leidas is a kind of aristocratic Legolas, and is in fact a lot like his father, Thranduil.

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