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Kingdom of Aelvar


The King and Queen rule the kingdom, with a high court to advise them. These advisors on the court are usually the most intellectual of the Kingdom, selected through a test. Below this, each region of Aelvar is ruled and governed by a Drealae, or Earl, who feeds back to the court the opinions of the people.

Public Agenda

To be the greatest kingdom in all the worlds. Complete control over Aelvar and to be highly powerful and respected in other worlds.


All of Aelvar, bar the Ketamain Mountains in the west.


The Kingdom of Aelvar was set up long before anyone can remember now, by the Elf God of Civilization, Eistra. Leading this organisation was the first King and Queen of Aelvar, Reichel and Veinea Aelras. They saw the Kingdom rise to the height of glory as the leading faction of Aelvar, growing it's wealth and economy, until the Elf-Dwarf war came. Reichel and Veinea saw Dwarves as a threat to their society; strange invaders from the dark. So they immediately decided to fight back the Dwarves to their underground holes. Unfortunately though, many Elves died during this conflict, including King Reichel. The Queen was therefore taken out of power, and the new King and Queen, Leidas and Pearl, took over where the old rulers left off. Since Elves are immortal, these were only two sets of Kings and Queens in the history of the Kingdom of Aelvar, even though between them they have ruled for about 700 years. This leads up to today, when Leidas and Pearl are in charge, ruling the realm harshly against all those who stand between them and absolute power.

Demography and Population

The Kingdom of Aelvar is sparsely populated, as because of the people's low death rate they are also forced into a low birth rate too. The Keimara are the grandest cities of the Kingdom, and the majority of the population revolves around them. There are five Keimara in total, spread out across the eastern border of Aelvar, which causes the main population of the Kingdom of Aelvar to be centred in the east. There are many other towns and cities of the Aelvarian Kingdom, but these are less populated (although more friendly to outsiders). The further west you go, the lower the population density, and if you go east of the Keimara, you simply hit the Ocean.


The Kingdom of Aelvar is set in eastern Aelvar, also known as Quippfuth Coast. They are fully developed there, with great cities and towns, and now wonder about colonizing other areas. They also are expanded into the central areas of Aelvar, but wish to not proceed much further as they do not want to encounter more Dwarves than they vitally must.   The Kingdom of Aelvar is heavily centred along the coast, and they use this massively to their advantage, as it allows them to fish, use ships and explore far easier than they could further inland.


The Kingdom of Aelvar uses its Shooreistaff for most of their combatant work, but does also have a reserve Queichtanch, which is an armed unit of a thousand soldiers for defencive purpose. The Queichtanch are stationed in the Keimara along the coast to protect the cities if things go wrong outside the city. These soldiers, called Queichtaner, are trained to a reasonable standard, but not to the best of their ability, as fighting is usually performed by the Shooreistaff.

Technological Level

The Kingdom of Aelvar has all the technology that a fantasy kingdom should have: weapons, war machines and vehicles. However, the magic of the Elves lacks what other factions have. Their magic is very limited, and the Aelvarians aren't at all researched in the arts of enchanting, spell casting or summoning. The only magic the Elves of Aelvar can really produce are simple spells used in the everyday lives of citizens. On the other hand, the battle engines of the Elves is very impressive. Boasting a great range of trebuchets and battle rams, the Kingdom of Aelvar is adept at crushing defenses like gates and towers with their arsenal of machines.


The religion of the Kingdom of Aelvar is Aelvish, the worshipping of the Elven gods, but certain other forms of religion are accepted; the Human beliefs of Nyah and the Halfling "Cwitkan". The religions of Dwarves, Goblins and Orcs are deeply frowned upon by the Kingdom, as their appropriate races are all enemies of the state. The Aelvish religion is clearly portrayed as correct to its citizens, and most young Elves are taught to follow these gods.

Foreign Relations

The Kingdom of Aelvar has TERRIBLE foreign relations! The elves of this nation despise Dwarves and Orcs, and are reluctant to accept other factions, races and realms. The Kingdom of Aelvar is set directly against the Dwarven tribes of Aelvar, and also the Orcish legions from the north-west. They have some of the best communication to the other worlds though, and understand the realms of Emridia, Acculumis, Dalostiir and Igren better than any of them understand the outside world. The Kingdom of Aelvar is also one of the few worlds to have managed to cross a great ocean, and they use this to their advantage, plundering and raiding coasts from other worlds. However this has got "High Elves" a bad name in the books of many.

Agriculture & Industry

The Kingdom of Aelvar, being far from the mountains, cannot rely of metal or mining for industry, and so depends on agriculture and farming for its resources. The Kingdom has huge farms of wheats, grains and vegetables planted all along its western edge, and towns and villages are often accompanied by farms, livestock, orchards and other plantations. Along the coastline, fishing and mining are more widely seen in production, as fish are common, and there are many natural caves that open up paths to deeper and richer veins of ore along cliff sides.

Trade & Transport

The Kingdom of Aelvar uses a large branch of roads to connect all its major cities and towns together with an easy mode of transport. The main roads run along the eastern edges of Aelvar, with smaller roads and tracks leading out into the west where the smaller towns can be found. These roads usually bear carts and horses carrying people or goods along from town to town or city to city. These goods and people are usually mining and food related, as traders and merchants can take carts of iron, lead and silver from the coast to the farmlands where they can be sold for large amounts of money. The same goes for products like meat and fish, going both ways.


The majority of Elves within the Kingdom of Aelvar are well educated in mathematics, writing, reading and language. They also usually understand the sciences and technology/engineering to a good degree even without being a blacksmith or engineer. However the population of the Aelvarian Kingdom is usually not taught of other races, ethnicities or religions in order to attempt to get a stronger grasp on the youth with the belief that they are superior to everyone else. The entire education system is organised and devised by the King and Queen, or someone with direct permission from them.


The Kingdom of Aelvar owns a great many assets. The greatest of these being the coastal ships and docks on the eastern shore, which allow their trading, exploration and military conquest of regions further afield. The Elves also own many many towns and cities containing mills of all variety, halls, smiths and farms: farms especially. The western regions of the Aelvarian Kingdom are home to hundreds of acres of farmland. The Kingdom of Aelvar also uses an impressive road network, that reaches all the way from the coast to the western reaches of the Kingdom.

Aestke ir dre zean twel ven (Death is the weak way out)

Founding Date
0, 0, 0
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The High Elvish Kingdom
Government System
Economic System
The currency of the Kingdom of Aelvar is called the Aelvarian credit, also known as the credit. Larger amounts of these exist, as 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500, but a 1000 credit piece is called Aelvinithan Credit. The 10 piece Aelvinithan Credit is the highest measure of currency in Aelvar.
Major Exports
The Kingdom of Aelvar reluctantly gives some of its fish and wood resources to certain tribes of men in order to establish reasonable connections to gain metals back from them. The kingdom dislikes giving away it's resources, as they see other communities and tribes unworthy of their magnificent aid.
Major Imports
The Kingdom of Aelvar relies on small human tribes from the Ketamain Mountains to provide them with gold and extra iron, steel and silver to help their economy. Except for this, and the odd traveling merchant or trader, the Kingdom of Aelvar accepts almost no outside help. They are also stubborn to deals and offers from outside sources, as they see themselves in such good a light.
Legislative Body
The King and Queen control the country with absolute power, and they write all the laws to their own opinions. When the King or Queen dies, a new duo will step up to claim this leadership.
Judicial Body
The King and Queen have a set of officers called Shooreistaff, also known as Staff, and they ensure the laws are being followed. The Shooreistaff are similar to the police, but act also as a secret police who investigate and terminate on the King and Queen's behalf. This group is made up of officers, captains and marshals.
Notable Members
Related Myths

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