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Elven - Aelvarian

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Female names are usually just sounds that sound nice! Combinations of letters that when put together make a flowing and elegant name. There are no agreed patterns with female names, but they often end in "el" sounds, just because Aelvarians Elves like it. A few examples could be:   Lisel Kitaril Geminel Leipeth

Masculine names

The rules for naming males are generally the same as for naming girls, they are just phonetically nice words and phrases. Male names don't really follow any pattern whatsoever, and it is very difficult to distinguish the difference between them and female names. A few examples:   Dapotan Ildius Ramonan Aelasti

Unisex names

As neither male nor female names mean anything, and there are practically zero gender-name-patterns, most names that could be given to a child are unisex, and can be used for both males and females.

Family names

The Aelvish people do not use family names, but instead have "title" or "rank" names, which denote their importance in Elvish, such as:   Deldathon (Money mind) Clippfeith (High importance) Eldrietha (Rock Bottom)


Major language groups and dialects

Elvish is the main language for Aelvarians, however Common and Woodspeak are also largely recognised as major languages too. Just remember to speak properly, or everyone will pretend to ignore you.

Average technological level

The technology of the Aelvarian people is fairly good in its military aspects. They are able to crush buildings and defences with their battering rams and trebuchets, and can devastate entire populations with biological warfare. However their magic advancement is poor compared to the other factions and races of Aelvar.

Common Dress code

Elegant and rich clothes are usually seen as the best among Aelvarian society. Females are usually required to wear dresses and gowns, whilst males wear suits and coats to make them look as important as possible. The colour red is forbidden to be worn, as it is a reminder of the blood spilt during the Elf-Dwarf war, and to wear such a colour is severely punishable.

Art & Architecture

The art of the Aelvarians is stunning, and many pursue creative arts careers at some point in their lifetime because of the beauty of Elves and the environment. Modern art isn't accepted, and classic portraits and landscapes are the tradition for beautiful artwork.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

The Aelvarian Elves always partake in a harvest festival. At this time they will exchange presents (like christmas) and enjoy an EVEN MORE aristocratic time with food and drink and clothing. A good time to spend all of your money!

Funerary and Memorial customs

The death of an Aelvarian Elf is a tragic, tragic thing, for it means they have either been slaughtered or died of illness. When an Elf dies, the whole area, such as a village, town or city district, will gather to pray for their wellbeing in the afterlife. A deceased Aelvarian's possesions are never given down to the next generation after death, and any passing down of heirlooms or money should be done in person by the Elf.

Common Taboos

Dwarves. The Aelvarians deeply hate the Dwarvish race, culture and everything to do with them. If you are a Dwarf or are friends with one, better stay quiet and live in the background, or you could end up with your life on the line. The same goes with this for the Orcish race, those foul and disgusting creatures. Never wear red in an Aelvarian area, for that colour symbolizes for them the Elvish blood lost in the Elf-Dwarf war.

Common Myths and Legends

The Aelvarians believe in the Aelvish religion, and all the myths and legends it tells. They also have many legends about the far off world called "Southern", a place few have visited but all know of.


Beauty Ideals

Beauty is everything for Aelvarian Elves. To be the "most beautiful", it is generally accepted you need to have blue eyes and long silver hair, as these are the most sought after features for an Elf to have. Any bright colour for long hair will usually get you recognised as "pretty pretty" though, such as bronze, gold and white.

Relationship Ideals

No more than one long-term relationship per hundred years, but aside from that, they're fairly relaxed. As long as you don't have multiple relations at the same time (severely punishable), you can pretty much do what you like, from whatever age.

Major organizations

The Kingdom of Aelvar is the only faction Aelvarians come from, and those who leave it have that title (or brand) taken away. Their race is pure Elf, although on very very very very rare occasions Humans or Halflings may be accepted into the ethnicity.

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