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Legend of Edos


In a far off world, known only to the Aelvarians as "Southern", there was a great, great Elf called Edos. He was such a master with a bow that with his eyes shut he could shoot a Goblin in the eye from a hundred metres away. Absolutely unrivalled. Edos was so charismatic and funny that every She Elf that laid eyes on him instantly fell in love, and so he kept to himself largely to save others from their own obsessions. Edos was a great hunter, the greatest hunter, and often went out to shoot birds and rodents with his bow.   One time, Edos was hunting a rat, following it into a deep forest, and it led him to an encampment of Orcs. Instead of shooting the rat, he instead turned his bow on the eighteen Orcs in the clearing. By killing two Orcs with each arrow, the great Edos managed to kill all eighteen Orcs with just ten arrows. He found much treasure in the glade, and took it back home to share with his village like a true hero!

Historical Basis

The Elf called Edos did actually exist in a far off world called Southern, however it is unknown to anyone if he actually did kill eighteen Orcs with ten arrows. Edos was definitely a great and amazing archer, but again, the fact that he can hit a Dwarf's eye with his eyes shut from a hundred metres is rather ludicrous.


Most Aelvarians are taught about the legendary Edos, and it is a well known myth. Whilst the other races of Aelvar don't really know of Edos's legend without research, all the Elves in the realms know who he was.

Variations & Mutation

The idea of his charisma and humour was thought up by the second King and Queen of the Kingdom of Aelvar, as they wanted to make Edos a more attractive and likeable character. Through their spreading of the legend, the King and Queen were able to make every Elf girl love Edos and every Elf boy want to be him.

Cultural Reception

The only proper culture to believe in the legend of Edos is the Aelvarian Elf one, and few others know of it. Some Dwarves purposely attack this legend in particular, in an attempt to mock and offend their Elvish enemies.

In Literature

A few poems have been written about Edos, but these are more informal and aren't officially recognised by the Kingdom of Aelvar.

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