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Minor Kingdoms

In addition to the three great kingdoms, Ma'urwol contains around a dozen or so minor kingdoms. Some of these are mixed kingdoms, but 7 of them are kingdoms of orcs.  

Orc Tribes

After the great disaster, the orcs of the continent came in from the wilderness and embraced city life. They have become some of the most respected citizens of all the kingdoms. However, as the years passed, some of them felt the call to return to the wild. Tribes began to form along the borders between the kingdoms of the exterior and the continent’s interior wilds.   With them they took the lessons learned from living among the cities. They formed treaties with the neighboring kingdoms, selling their services as border protectors in exchange for goods and gold. For the last few hundred years, the orc tribes have served as the guardians of civilization, keeping the evils and rampaging monsters of the inner wilds at bay.

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